A message from Team Wed

Article Published: Thursday 2nd April, 2020 - 3:36pm

To our lovely readers, followers and industry professionals. 
There is absolutely no doubt about it – this is a strange time, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether you're planning a wedding, have had to postpone or change your plans entirely, or are looking at a totally new way of working, it's fair to say this is a hurdle most, if not all, of us have never had to overcome. So, what are we doing to help our lovely couples and the industry in their mission to celebrate love? 

We're determined to keep providing positive, love-filled content for escapism. 

We've got a lot of content here on the website that will be able to help you, should you still be in the throes of wedding planning, have any doubts or concerns, or are in need of a joy or wellness boost. 

-Coronavirus and weddings: your questions answered
-Photos that spark joy
-Top de-stressing products
-Pre-wedding wellness for brides
-Relationship advice from married couples
-Top tips for bridal wellbeing
-Preparing for marriage

And we can also get industry specialists to help with anyone's questions or quandaries, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
You can contact us by emailing wed@wedmagazine.co.uk, calling or texting 07765776088, or sending us a message via our InstagramFacebook or Twitter pages. 

Plus, we'll be happy to share any stories of couples that married just before lockdown with family members watching via a webcam or however you chose to do it. Share your stories of #loveinthelockdown with us, and we promise to keep sharing the joy, and providing the help. 

Stay safe, safe in touch, and stay loved-up.

Love from Team Wed
Rebecca, Brendan, Lucy, Hannah, Matt, Morwenna, Jenna (and the various cats, dogs and children who we now work alongside!)