About Wed Magazine

Borne out of a love for independent living - Wed Magazine was a concept devised by owners Rebecca and Brendan's inspired eye for publishing.  

Having already successfully established their brand with their first publication in the film and entertainment industry, the pair arose armed with the experience, creativity and desire to fully engage with a totally fresh and utterly fabulous new magazine.

Completely self-funded and directed, even though the brand has rapidly scaled the marketplace, the team still remains small, independent and dedicated to producing a superior quality wedding magazine available throughout Cornwall and Devon, and beyond. With Rebecca at the helm as Editor and Brendan front-lining with Advertising and Management, they're backed by a diminutive band of freelancers: their sole designer, chief feature writer and a few dedicated contributors are all it takes to continually create and maintain the WED ethos -young, bright and professional to the core. Serving their readers and supporters with assured and polished innovation from a small town in the far west of Cornwall, the WED team continues to independently strive for success, producing revolutionary results with every stunning issue.
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