New Elemental collection from Wanderlust Life Jewellery

New Elemental collection from Wanderlust Life Jewellery

Article Published: Friday 30th June, 2023 - 2:51pm

Calling all brides - and bridesmaids - to be! The newest and most lust-worthy collection has just landed at Wanderlust Life, guaranteeing the most gorgeous finishing touches to your ensembles.

Elemental is inspired by the powers of earth, air, fire and water, which feature on pendants and earrings via stylised iconography. Based on illustrations by Clara Jonas, the collection includes four organically shaped charms with each piece handcast in the UK using 100% recycled silver and ethically sourced gold. 

"I’m really proud of creating a capsule collection of pieces that have been sustainably made in the UK," says Georgie Roberts, Founder of Wanderlust Life Jewellery. "I love knowing that each piece has had an intimate connection with each maker. The pieces feel charged with meaning and intention, ready to be worn as a talisman by whoever is drawn to the piece."

"Clara’s illustration draws on ancient wisdom and I love how her aesthetic has a real synergy with the elements and their mysticism to perfectly spotlight the powers of the classical elements of earth, air, fire and water," she adds.

Pick from four designs in both earrings and pendants, which are blank on the back for engraving. There's Ignis (the sun representing fire): inspiring and expanding; Aeris - a swallow in flight honouring air for exploration and soaring; Terra's palm tree to symbolise earth (associated with nourishment and grounding); and Aqua, which features the moon’s phases on a vertical bar to represent water, the flow of life and adapting.  

"I love the curiosity this collection brings, and how customers select their chosen piece – it’s really individual (as any jewellery investment should be!)" says Georgie. Stunning, affordable, imbued with meaning and with the added option of being personalised - Wanderlust Life's Elemental pieces present a so-pretty and 'something new' W-day addition.