Gift vouchers now available online at Erin Cox

Gift vouchers now available online at Erin Cox

Article Published: Friday 27th March, 2020 - 4:44pm

Devon's s talented goldmsith Erin Cox is now offering gift vouchers online, which makes it even easier to gift or acquire something stunning from her coveted collection - or to have a bespoke item crafted especially for you.

Ranging from £25 to £500 in value, each voucher bought can be emailed directly to a recipient or to the customer to download and print. A code will be generated that can then be used when shopping on Erin's website, but they can also be used in store for purchases or commission work.

So whether you're at the ring buying phase, a groom wanting to gift something gorgeous to your bride to choose for W-day, are looking for a dazzling gift idea for a 'maid or mum - or want to spread the word to your nearest and dearest keen to contribute something in advance of the day - Erin's vouchers provide the perfectly versatile solution.

From bracelets and cufflinks to earrings, necklaces and rings, Erin's exquisite handmade designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Devon's landscapes while presenting a unique piece of treasured and timeless art.

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