A Ceremony To Remember

A Ceremony To Remember

Article Published: Monday 20th October, 2014 - 4:12pm

The Guild of Cornish Celebrants offer couples the opportunity to have the ceremony they desire - wherever and whenever you wish. Although the Guild is a new business, the duo behind the venture, Nicola Le Couteur Bisson and Denise Whitehair, have over 25 years of experience between them in delivering all types of ceremonies through their work with the Registration Service.
As a result, they are perfectly positioned to advise couples of the legalities required to have a legal statutory ceremony followed by a bespoke, personalised ceremony at a location of their choice along a continental model.
It might be your favourite beach at sunset, Bodmin moor in the moonlight, a cosy ceremony in your garden or even a gathering on a boat or steam train - once the legal ceremony has taken place, the sky's the limit where it comes to choosing the backdrop and timing of this life-changing moment.
The content of the ceremonies will also fully reflect each individual couple's wishes and beliefs, incorporating spiritual or religious music and prose, together with rituals such as handfasting.
Get in touch to discover how The Guild of Cornish Celebrants will help you to deliver a distinctive, unique and truly memorable day, your way.

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