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Wedding Rings Cornwall

Wedding Rings Cornwall

Wow worthy diamond wedding rings

From cool colours to modern cuts, these diamond rings are trending yet timelessly beautiful

The modern couple is increasingly eschewing tradition and choosing to pour their personalities into their weddings - and the same goes for their rings. From distinctive cuts and striking settings to pops of colour, you'll find newly-weds donning some gorgeously avant-garde designs.

And, while diamonds are a perennial favourite - thanks to their durability and brilliant sparkle - the iconic gemstone is being incorporated into wedding and engagement rings in the most modern of ways.

Some couples, for example, are moving away from white diamonds in favour of grey and brown tones. "Ranging from pale champagne through to dark chocolate in colour, brown diamonds are lovely alternatives to their classic white counterparts," says Jamila from Justin Duance Jewellery. "Our diamonds are untreated, meaning the colours are natural and vary from stone to stone. They are a perfect match with our ever-changing sandcast bands, the result is a truly unique ring - you will never find one quite the same!"

The cut of the diamond can also marry a modern aesthetic with timeless style. Rose cut stones, for example, which are flat along the bottom with a dome-shaped top, are a growing trend. "These rose cut diamond rings hark back to Victorian era romance. There is an elegance to these gemstones that is naturally stunning," says Chloe from Emily Nixon Jewellery. "Brilliant cut diamonds are still proving the most popular, however, either in engagement rings or studded in wedding bands. The combination of sparkling brilliant diamonds with the irregular organic design evokes Emily's style of natural luxury that is so sought after."

And it's not just about how captivating a ring looks - where your diamonds come from is a key consideration for modern couples. "We have seen a huge increase in people looking for more ethical diamonds - we are almost complete in our move towards using only fully traced and ethically sourced stones which is really exciting," says Jamila.

From ethical sourcing to distinctive design, the key is to add an individual touch to this wedding classic - and you'll have a diamond to cherish forever.

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