This Week in Wed World

Article Published: Thursday 4th May, 2017 - 2:03pm

'This Week in Wed World' is back, folks! And it's back with a beautiful bang. This is the stunning south-west, after all, and we have loved-up couples cherishing precious moments before molten sunsets, creamy stretches of sand, blossom-cloaked trees and atmospheric cliffscapes. There's also rustic vibes with brides in boots, fun in forested settings and elegant celebrations in Devon's historic country houses, not to mention a lot of gorgeous scenes captured on the rugged clifftops of west Cornwall.

Brides are donning whimsical lace and boho style frocks through to glam, embellished gowns, and delicate flower crowns through to striking feathered headwear. As ever, it's a joy to see so many couples throwing brilliantly individual weddings which capture their personalities - and their coupledom - to such stunning effect. Thanks to some of the region's top photographers for sharing their beautiful work with us.