Personality-packed weddings from Rebel + Anchor

Personality-packed weddings from Rebel + Anchor

Article Published: Thursday 10th September, 2020 - 1:05pm

If you're seeking a wedding planner who's creative and calm, who can create a unique and memorable event while delivering your ideas with flair and panache, then enter Rebecca Green from Rebel + Anchor. 'I create experiences for those who want something that has a bit more personality,' says Rebecca, who's based in Cornwall but travels for large-scale events both in London and internationally as senior event producer for Delicious Events.

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Having set up The Unique Cornish Event Company in 2017, Rebecca has recently rebranded her service to Rebel + Anchor, and behind the new name lies a new concept: 'being unafraid to stray from convention, but at the same time being a reliable, safe pair of hands ' all whilst ensuring clients' personalities are reflected in the experiences created,' explains Rebecca. 'I also wished to nod to that wondrous sea that surrounds us in Cornwall'.

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Having worked as a creative producer for nearly 20 years, Rebecca has the experience and nous to create bespoke events, whether it's a large-scale wedding, an intimate proposal, or anything in-between. 'I'm a 'creative' producer, meaning I design events as well as produce and manage them; I love styling and creating a vibe that reflects each client individually,' she explains. 'Also, I have become highly conscious of the level of wastage that events and weddings can create if not managed correctly, something I help clients navigate as best as possible'.

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