Lab-grown diamonds by Drakes

Lab-grown diamonds by Drakes

Article Published: Thursday 27th April, 2023 - 12:44pm

Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence - Deputy Editor

Sustainable and ethical choices are foremost in couples’ jewellery buying decisions today – and Drakes in Plymouth now offers an exquisite range of lab-grown diamonds for brides and grooms-to-be to peruse by appointment.

“Lab-grown diamonds have been available in the jewellery sector in recent years, but 2022 marked a much wider introduction to the UK audience,” says Abi Davies from Drakes. While the idea of synthetic diamonds was first raised at the end of the 18th century, it wasn’t until the 1940s that research began on whether diamonds could be synthetically produced.

As their name suggests, these diamonds are grown in a laboratory to be chemically identical to natural diamonds that are mined from the ground. Their popularity is increasing thanks to several factors, including their cost and eco credentials. In fact, they start from around 60% cheaper than mined diamonds, meaning you may be able to select a higher grade of colour, clarity, and carat for your budget – or perhaps consider a diamond pendant and earrings set.

“The arrival of lab-grown diamonds into the bridal jewellery market makes fine jewellery sets for your wedding and beyond so much more affordable,” says Abi. “There’s no doubt that the price and size benefits will make a lot of bride’s jewellery dreams achievable.”

The investment or resale value of lab-grown diamonds is still unclear, while mined diamonds are unlikely to lose their value or desirability, due to their finite nature as a natural resource. However, in allowing brides to complete their wedding day look with a stunning flourish of sparkle while keeping within the parameters of budget, eco credentials and style, lab-grown diamonds are a welcome addition to Drakes’ swoon-worthy collections.

Two new Italian jewellery brands have also arrived in-store. The stunning jewels by Italian sculptress and painter Annamaria Cammilli feature fluid three-dimensional forms in gold and diamonds, while Giovanni Raspini creates bold and strikingly beautiful pieces in silver. Perfect as statement pieces for your bridal ensemble as well as special gifts, it’s an exciting time to visit Drakes and plan your wedding day jewels.

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