Get 10% off breathtaking aerial performances from The 2 Lisa's

Get 10% off breathtaking aerial performances from The 2 Lisa's

Article Published: Thursday 31st May, 2018 - 10:21am

A totally unique entertainment option for Cornwall and Devon, The 2 Lisa's offer a variety of dazzling aerial performances. Bringing their love of the aerial arts to wedding venues, Lisa Truscott and Lisa Whitmore are available for bookings throughout Cornwall, Devon and the south-west - plus, The 2 Lisa's are offering 10% off their Ruby and Diamond packages for any July and August 2018 bookings.

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Choose a gentle-paced, freestyle movement to the sounds of the event, providing a moment of 'eyes-up-in-wonder' as the guests enter. The aerialist moves slowly and gracefully through shapes and poses, creating the feel and ambience of a special occasion.
Or you might want to have your welcome drinks poured from above! This is one of the newest trends in aerial performance and a great ice-breaker. It will really get your guests talking as their glasses are topped up by an aerialist hanging upside down!

Combined with either of these options, and with curiosity heightened, The 2 Lisa's return to the air and perform the big wow spectacle moment of an act. It's an exciting and inventive show set to music, for guests to gather round and watch - and talk about for years to come.

"Not many weddings can have had such an event. Everything was perfect. It went straight to number one in the family list of weddings!" says Lucy, the mother of a bride who booked The 2 Lisa's for her wedding.

A popular option for those with a bit of adventure in their souls, there's also an opportunity to climb on board and spin around in the hoop as the photographer clicks away, creating a stunning photo to be cherished forever. Both Lisa's are also long-established teachers, with 30 years' experience between them, so the participating couple will feel safe and comfortable throughout their experience. 

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All of this is performed on their beautifully decorated free-standing rig. This enables the equipment to be hung without using any other structure - no stakes in the ground, no support from the ceiling; it is completely self-contained. The rig can be set up indoors and outdoors and it only takes 30 minutes to put up and take down.