The Secret Garden at Coombe Trenchard

The Secret Garden at Coombe Trenchard

Article Published: Friday 17th June, 2022 - 10:46am

Just a stone’s throw from Brentor on the edge of Dartmoor, you’ll find the breathtaking Arts & Crafts estate of Coombe Trenchard. Along with its many charm-filled spaces, captivating features (including the only disappearing wall in the country) and bountiful gardens filled with ancient trees and bright herbaceous borders, owner Sarah Marsh offers a unique and extra special experience for couples choosing to marry at her home. 

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Tucked away behind the house, you’ll find Sarah’s cutting garden where couples can have their wedding flowers grown especially for them. The venue often attracts couples who are keenly aware of making their wedding as ecologically ethical as possible – and having their wedding flowers grown on-site fits beautifully with this ethos.

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The planning for wedding flowers usually starts a year ahead: during a walk around with Sarah, couples can take in the colours and aromas of her vibrant plot, providing ample inspiration to discuss their vision, including the option for Sarah to grow specific seasonal flowers. The cutting garden is home to a plethora of colourful staple blooms such as sweet peas, nigellas and cornflowers as well as perennials such as lupins and popular favourite – the dahlia. The cafe au lait model is often chosen for its gorgeous blush tones and complex petal arrangement.  

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Sarah combines her love of growing cut flowers with her passion for collecting beautiful antique glass and china which makes for gorgeous displays. Thanks to years of growing delicate blooms and appreciating the beauty of their natural wild habitat, she has developed an effortless style to her arrangements. Couples can look forward to lovingly designed, home-grown blooms to complement this stirringly beautiful, tucked away paradise. 

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