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How to shop for your engagement rings

Dazzle your beloved by selecting something meaningful and personal from the latest array of eye-catching engagement rings

Whether you're seeking a ring together or keeping schtum until the question is popped, rest assured these top tips from industry experts will help you to choose a beautifully bang on-trend and stylistically 'you' engagement ring.

"We've noticed that a lot more couples are actually shopping together for their engagement ring, or women are at least having more of a say in what they're wanting before the proposal," observes Elle at Michael Spiers (  "People seem to be straying from the safe and classic solitaire - although it is still popular - and going for something more unique, such as an emerald, sapphire or three-stone ring."

From the gemstone to symbolism, couples are increasingly taking their own creative muse or love story as their ring-buying inspiration. "We often have clients come to the studio to choose an engagement ring that references their own personal story, either through the design or by incorporating gems from sentimental inherited jewellery," says Chloe at Emily Nixon ( "For instance, a couple came to choose a ring recently with the sole criteria that it should represent the ocean - they had met whilst deep sea diving. Gaining a greater understanding of who the couple are is a key factor in our job to advise on the best choice for a ring to last a lifetime," she continues. "Creativity, individuality and flamboyant colour are all part of the more adventurous journey being taken by partners choosing this most significant of rings."

Another factor is the provenance of the ring. Whether it's an antique heirloom piece reworked into a modern design, or couples seeking assurances of ethical materials and practices being used in the production, ring buying today is an entirely conscientious affair.

"People are becoming more conscious of where the materials in their rings come from," notes Jamila at Justin Duance ( "There is a new consumer pushing the boundaries on the ethics of the jewellery industry and we are pleased to see the results as it becomes easier to source transparent and traceable diamonds and other gemstones."

"With engagement rings, people are always looking for a timeless design - a future heirloom, if you like," she continues. "We like to think of our pieces as twists on classic designs that give customers the opportunity to work alongside us using heirloom or carefully sourced materials. We often work with antique stones, which always leads to unique pieces full of personality and sentiment."

From unique stone shapes and colours to geometric cuts, two-tone metals, baguette diamonds, multiple bands and stackable rings, there's a current trend to pique every couple's interests; but the fundamental key is to keep yourselves creatively in mind when choosing to ensure an engagement ring replete with personalised pizzazz.
1 (and main image) - Emily Nixon
2 - Justin Duance
3 - Michael Spiers

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