Heartwarming free wedding offer from Khalile Siddiqui Photography

Heartwarming free wedding offer from Khalile Siddiqui Photography

Article Published: Wednesday 9th January, 2019 - 9:54am

Starting the year with a philanthropic twist, photographer Khalile Siddiqui has been personally spurred to take benevolent action after experiencing the traumatic wait over Christmas to see if a loved one had cancer, with all plans on hold in order to deal with the news.

On Christmas Eve, fortunately they received the all-clear, which prompted Khalile to consider just how harrowing the alternative could have been and in response he has decided to offer a free wedding to a couple undertaking a challenging time due to ill health.

"There's nothing like near death experiences to put things into perspective and to show just how grateful we really are with our outcome, we'd like to shoot a free wedding," he says. "So if you know a deserving couple who're getting married in February or March 2019 in Cornwall please them to get in contact via our website before the end of January 2019."

If interested, give Khalile a call or email to discuss as soon as you can.

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