Circus style tents from Big Top Mania

Circus style tents from Big Top Mania

Article Published: Thursday 12th November, 2020 - 2:45pm

Make sure you wow your guests with your choice of tent by booking the likes of Big Top Mania, whose circus style canvas is bound to cause a crowd-pleasing stir.

With bases in Devon and Bristol, the team will deliver their colourful marquees that are perfect for events and fabulous wedding fiestas. Whether you want something vibrant with a colour pop to add a statement factor to your day, or are planning a circus themed celebration with all the stylistic trimmings, Big Top Mania's magnificent marquee will provide endless appeal for a venue space like no other.
"The colourful tents ooze ambience, fun, theatrics and luxury and, coupled with a large range of glorious finishing touches, they make your event come alive!" they say. "Of course, being a long established marquee company with over 30 years of event experience, we also have gorgeous white canvas traditional marquees - so if quintessential English garden with a contemporary canvas and wood backdrop is your thing - we are very happy to oblige! " they add.

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