Indigo Wild Studio

Tel: 07967 032011

Hi, I’m Simon, and I’m the photographer behind Indigo Wild Studio. I’m based In beautiful Cornwall but shoot country-wide and for better or worse, I’m also the resident on and off screen photographer for Channel 4’s Married at First Sight. My aim is to capture the spirit of your day and the nuances of your relationship from the inside, not the outside. It’s about the fleeting bubbles of magic, the moment your dad sees you for the first time, the secret hand squeezes, the wild abandon, the start of this big new adventure – all captured without you even realising it. These moments are created in the spilt second your guard falls and I’ll be there to bottle them up and preserve them for decades to come. I’ve shot in rustic barns, beaches, beautiful forests, country estates, castles on the coast, abandoned buildings and even underground. I have shot in major storms, changed location last minute, I’ve mediated with highly strung great-aunts and settled nervous fathers-in-law. My creative toolkit is extensive. So whatever the universe throws at you, I’m here to adapt and set you at ease so you can enjoy the clouds of confetti and celebrating your day with the greatest people on Earth.