Beautiful balloons, buds and bows!

Beautiful balloons, buds and bows!

Article Published: Tuesday 9th August, 2016 - 3:52pm

Ballooning, Buds and Bows offers a series of services to dress your day pretty! 

The brainchild of Bev Cocks, who is based in west Cornwall, Ballooning, Buds and Bows provides fabulous floristry to set the tone - and scent - of your day in style. From contemporary, colour-pop arrangements through to rustic, romantic styles and classically elegant florals, Bev can turn her hand to a stunning range of aesthetics to ensure beautiful, bespoke blooms. 

The creative whizz also crafts ornate bows and a series of other decorative items to match the mood of your wedding perfectly. What's more, her balloon displays can be tailored to suit the vibe of your wedding - and venue - thanks to an extensive choice of styles and colours.

Get in touch with Bev for an informal chat about her styling services.

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