Star map rings by Isabella Day

Star map rings by Isabella Day

Article Published: Tuesday 16th April, 2019 - 7:37pm

More than a piece of jewellery, choosing a wedding or engagement ring by award-winning artist goldsmith Isabella Day is about sharing a piece of your story.

"Our secret is simple - I listen," says Isabella. "Making the perfect ring is about understanding what makes your relationship special, so before I put pencil to paper, I invite you in for a cup of tea and listen. Some couples share a love of long walks or comic books, others remember fondly the place they first met. Every relationship is different but they all have something unique."

And unique is the name of the game for Isabella, who loves to remodel inherited rings into new pieces, and also specialises in making her own gold alloys, including peach, rose, green and grey gold, from her studio at Cockington Court in Torquay.

Perhaps her most unusual - and lusted-after - pieces are her star map rings, which show the stars in the night sky at an exact moment in time. It could be the moment of the proposal, a special memory or even from the night you met. With each design being a true one-off, Isabella's rings make for an extraordinarily beautiful and meaningful piece to treasure.