Jeweller Mirri Damer's celebrity commission

Jeweller Mirri Damer's celebrity commission

Article Published: Friday 17th April, 2015 - 2:07pm

Jeweller designer-maker Mirri Damer reveals an incredibly exciting and high profile commission...

"Dawn French, the Queen of comedy, is now also the Chancellor of Falmouth University...and I was chosen to make her crown!

It all started in October when the University contacted me to see if I was willing and able. I have never made anything in precious metals on such a large scale before, but of course it was a resounding YES.

I worked with Dawn and the fashion department (who created the wonderful Chancellor's gown) to come up with a design brief - it was agreed that this should incorporate Cornish flora and fauna.

I chose to base my design on the term 'blasted heath' which refers to the windswept trees that dot the Cornish coastline.The main form is an abstracted gorse flower and I also used Serpentine, a Cornish semi-precious stone that is found on the Lizard peninsula and even some tiny shells.

Everyone has been so complimentary about the design and most importantly, it looked beautiful on Dawn and fitted her perfectly. If anyone deserves a crown, it's her  - and what a privilege to be the maker!

All in all - a fantastic experience and a real honour to have been involved.

So now it's back to the day job.... though I am now available for other crowns, coronets or ceromionial headwear!"