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Wedding Hair and Make-up Cornwall

Wedding Hair and Make-up Cornwall

Top bridal beauty looks and how to make them your own

The rules for bridal hair and make-up? Go with what makes you feel your most beautiful.

Take some inspiration from these gorgeous looks, then make them your own...


A braided hairstyle and natural, glowing make-up are the hallmarks of boho beauty. "Braids add an instant touch of natural boho beauty to any look and work particularly well in blonde/highlighted hair as it emphasises the details and intricacy of the style," says hair stylist, Charlotte Tillyer. "Create this look by parting the hair into two with a central parting. Then Dutch braid each side, keeping the braids as close to the face as possible, securing each one with a small clear elastic band. Be sure to pull the braid out gently as you go to create a more voluminous, impressive looking braid. Don't worry if you end up with flyaways or loose tendrils of hair as these can all be tweaked into position at the end and often add to the 'messy' boho look that is so on-trend."

"Once both braids are secured, cross them over each other at the nape and then bring them back up to the top of the head where you parted the hair," she continues. "Tuck the ends into the Dutch braid and secure them with hairgrips, taking care to hide the elastic bands and grips. Loosely curl or pin any hair that has fallen or been purposely left out of the braid to add a soft, romantic feel to the look."

"This hairstyle looks striking with an extravagant headpiece placed prominently on the forehead but would also work well with a hair vine or flowers intertwined in the braids," says Charlotte. "Wearing it in this position adds a modern twist and a touch of glam. Be brave with your accessories: play around with them and see what suits you and the look you are trying to achieve best."

A muted palette that lets your natural beauty shine through is key to the make-up. "Our model had a beautiful complexion and I wanted to leave her looking natural and glowing," explains make-up artist, Katy Pheiffer. "I kept the lips a natural shade from Bobbi Brown and focused on the skin and eyes. I used false lashes to accentuate the eye shape and soft gold and pinks on the eyes."


Hair Charlotte Tillyer
Make-up Katy Pheiffer
Headpiece Jo Barnes Bridal Accessories

Old Hollywood style waves positively scream classic glamour and never go out of style. "This sleek and sophisticated look is the ideal choice for brides with long hair who want to avoid a polished up do. It works beautifully with a simple, elegant gown, either left completely loose or swept back on one side with a hair comb to add a touch of sparkle," advises hair stylist, Charlotte Tillyer. "To create these red carpet waves, prep the hair with a curl setting spray. Part the hair deep onto one side, then curl inch-thick sections using a large barrel wand. I used the BaByliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves Hair Wand, holding each section for around five-eight seconds with the wand pointing diagonally downwards. To help give the curls longevity, I secured them into pin curls to allow the curl to cool and set."

"Once all the hair has been curled, remove all the pin curl clips. At this stage, the hair should be in fairly tight, ringlet style curls. Using a finishing brush or paddle brush, gently brush through the curls until they form soft waves. You will need to be patient at this stage and just keep brushing and playing with the hair, forming S-shaped waves, until you are happy with the shape. You can use large, flat sectioning clips to hold the waves in place as you continue to work around the head to help set the waves. Finish with a firm-hold hairspray and a shine spray to create a glossier, more polished finish."

The make-up is all about those showstopping lips. "I used a strong red in matte, keeping in line with the era of the hair and dress," explains make-up artist, Katy Pheiffer. "I went for sculpted cheekbones without blusher to let the red lip take centre stage. The eyes also needed very little as the lip was the focus. I used a winged gel liner with contour definition, and added some eyelashes and a soft brow."


Hair Charlotte Tillyer
Make-up Katy Pheiffer

This gorgeous look epitomises boho chic with a luxe metallic twist. "This loose and effortless hairstyle can be recreated easily with tongs or straighteners. The key to making it last is the cooling down of the curls; this allows the hair cuticle to close and set itself in place," says hair stylist and make-up artist, Leah Toomey. "Always start by using a heat hair protectant. Then wrap the hair around a marcel tong, holding for approximately six-eight seconds. As you remove the tong, hold onto the curl in the palm of your hand and don't let it drop. Pin this curl to the scalp using any flat pin. Follow this method for the rest of the hair and allow ten minutes before removing any grips. Once the hair is set, cover in a light layer of hairspray, I used Silhouette Extra Strong Hold. Starting at the bottom of the head, remove the pins one by one, gently unravelling them with your fingers. Once you have removed the pins, use a soft bristle brush to smooth out the hair. At first it might feel that you're brushing out the waves you have just created but, trust me, you're not! With the heat of your hands, carefully guide your curls back into their shape until you get the look you desire. Then add another light layer of hairspray and a shine spray to finish."

Flawless skin and shimmer is key to this look. "When applying the make-up, I prepared the skin and paired Smashbox's Pore Minimizing Primer with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. Apply with a round flat-headed buffer brush, working in circles from the centre of the face outwards. I love this foundation, it really warms to the skin and leaves a gorgeous dewy finish."

"Brows should never be overlooked," continues Leah. "Begin by combing the brows with a clean mascara wand or brow comb. I matched my brow gel colour to the model's hair, following the natural brow shape and drawing them on where needed with small strokes to replicate individual hairs. A soft pink swept across the apples of the cheeks and tinted lip balm complemented the dress beautifully. I added a small amount of gold highlighter on the centre of the lips to give a plump appearance."

"I defined the eyes with black liner and a set of natural-looking false lashes. Adding black liner along the inner waterline adds some drama and intensity. Using my Stila Magnificent Metal Eyeshadow, I added texture to the face, inspired by the crackled paint of the location. A little gold shimmer at the inner eyes and along the lower lash line pulled this look together."


Hair and make-up Leah Toomey


Seeking something fresh, modern and a little daring? Ensure all eyes are on you with this statement-making look. "We're seeing more and more 'out of the ordinary' photo shoots, pushing the limits on what you can do," says hair stylist and make-up artist, Leah Toomey. "Our model had amazing bone structure and enchanting brown eyes, matched with stunning golden-red locks. A simple braid across the hairline swept all of the hair back from her face."

"For the make-up, I didn't want anything to be perfect or symmetrical - I wanted a rather abstract look and a graze of harsh black interfering with the norm," she continues. "I used a MAC golden shimmer powder on the eyelid and a dab on the Cupid's bow. I went for flawless skin (see Golden Touch), strong contoured cheekbones, a simple black eyeliner and dramatic false lashes. I always line the lips first to define their shape and to ensure my lipstick lasts longer. I mixed MAC lipstick in shades Cupcake and Faux to create a soft pink for the lips."


Hair and make-up Leah Toomey

Tara Hollinghurst
Charlotte Tillyer
Katy Pheiffer
Leah Toomey

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