Emily Nixon's ocean-inspired treasures

Article Published: Thursday 25th March, 2021 - 11:28am

Taking the Cornish landscape as muse, Emily Nixon’s mesmerising designs evoke a sense of place and personality to truly eye-catching effect. “I love the fabric-like twists and folds of seaweed, the diversity in the contours of pebbles, the weathered character of flotsam I see washed up along the shore,” says Emily. “This dichotomy of the precious and the organic – special stones encircled by sea-worn fragments of gold – characterises so much of my inspiration.” Created as bespoke commissions or available to purchase from her Hayle studio or online shop, Emily’s sculptural jewellery includes everything from textured engagement and gemstone wedding rings to cluster stud earrings, stone drawing bracelets and spiralis drop pendants. 

Continually adding to her exquisite collection and experimenting with new forms, Emily’s new teal peppered rock ring makes a beautiful alternative to a traditional band. “Evolved from textures found along the tideline: luxuriously imperfect, naturally irregular,” the gently rounded 9ct rose gold band is studded with nine ocean teal, lemon and sea green natural sapphires, presenting the perfect piece for those desiring something dazzling that reflects the contours and colours of the ocean.