This Week in Wed World

Article Published: Friday 7th October, 2016 - 4:50pm

Welcome to Wed World, folks! We have an insanely beautiful gallery in store for you this week.

Our starry-eyed pairs have locked lips and lives on sandy beaches, wild moorland and glorious parkland across Cornwall, Devon and the South West - all bathed in beautiful autumnal light. Bridal gowns range from sleek, thirties-style cuts and Gatsby-esque headdresses through to whimsical frocks and full-on fairytale confections of lace and tulle. Our grooms, meanwhile, are rocking everything from kilts and military wear through to tail coats and relaxed braces-and-bow-tie combos. As for the florals, prepare for impossibly pretty clusters of seasonal blooms. Be still our beating hearts! Without further ado, enjoy these sublime scenes, captured by some of the region's finest photographers.