Stylish new website for Emily Nixon

Stylish new website for Emily Nixon

Article Published: Wednesday 5th June, 2019 - 10:10am

Cornish jeweller-designer Emily Nixon has long been renowned for her creative and utterly enchanting pieces, with the seaworn texture of her collections inspired by her surroundings in the far west of Cornwall.

 "I love the fabric-like twists and folds of seaweed; the diversity in the contours of pebbles; the weathered character of flotsam I see washed up along the shore," says Emily. "This dichotomy of the precious and the organic - special stones encircled by sea-worn fragments of gold - characterises so much of my inspiration."

Now Emily has rebranded and relaunched her website, giving it a fresh new look to showcase her designs. With an easy-to-use search panel, a gift guide and large images of each item, it makes finding a perfect engagement or wedding ring, or that one-off piece of jewellery, even easier.

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