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Modern Bridal Romance

Modern Bridal Romance

Floral-filled wedding style inspired by Ancient Rome

A bridal party cherishes precious moments of closeness against the magnificent setting of Tredudwell Manor's garden temple

...a dreamlike backdrop for a modern wedding infused with inspiration from ancient Rome...

Regal, romantic and rich in timeless beauty, this shoot celebrates the powerful bond between the bridal party on a wedding day.

"There is always something quite special about the bridal party," says Valerie of Tredudwell Manor. "Every Saturday, we can feel the emotions and anxiety filling the house, but also how much love the girls share with their bride, which is why we thought having a bridal party shoot would be interesting."

The shoot captures the poignant interaction between the bride and her bridesmaids. After the morning of preparation, excitement and anticipation comes those precious moments, a chance to communicate all the feelings of joy and intimacy. Set alongside the Roman folly in Tredudwell's incredibly scenic, grounds, the garden temple represents the final point for the women to embrace these emotions.

Drawing on the backdrop of the temple, the styling is classical and romantic, echoing ancient Rome - a timeless yet gorgeously relaxed look for a modern bridal party. The gowns are flowing and flowing, with draping and delicate embellishment. Statement jewellery and headpieces adorned with olive leaf details enhances the goddess aesthetic, which is softened with curls and naturally abundant bouquets.

The dreamy sound of the harp drifting across the grounds acts as a stirring soundtrack to an emotionally charged day, where love is celebrated and cherished in all its forms.


words Lucy Higgins

Venue Tredudwell Manor
Photography Olivia Bossert Photography
Props & styling Olivia Bossert & Valerie Shakerley
Models Sophie, Ruth & Flora
Hair Hair by Emma C
Make-up Suzi Winter
Wedding dresses Claire L. Headdon
Katya Katya
Bridesmaids' dresses ASOS, Mango
Headpieces Naturae Design
Accessories Accessorize
Flowers The Garden Gate Flower Company
Harpist Ruth Wall

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