Inspired film from Justin Duance

Inspired film from Justin Duance

Article Published: Sunday 25th November, 2018 - 11:04am

Whether you're looking for an incredibly special engagement or wedding ring, a personalised piece of bridal jewellery, unique groom's accessory or special W-day gift for a loved one, Justin Duance's stunning creations and collection of contemporary jewellery is just the beautifully bespoke ticket.

Expertly combining the use of ethically-sourced and recycled materials with cutting-edge, yet brilliantly customised design, Justin's creations are wanted the world-over, from his innovative sand cast rings to his to-die-for ready made collections.

Salvaged woods, precious metals and gemstones uniquely selected by customers are used to produce wonderfully wearable modern pieces of art to represent history, story and place. From sand taken from poignant places infused into textural wedding bands to heirlooms reworked into engagement rings, every element is considered and can be co-designed by clients for inimitable results. What's more, the team's top ethics - from their environmental-friendliness to their gem sourcing guarantees guilt-free, uber conscientious shopping.

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