Government announcement for 2021 weddings

Government announcement for 2021 weddings

Article Published: Tuesday 23rd February, 2021 - 10:15am

On 22nd February 2021, the Prime Minister laid out a roadmap for the end of lockdown, which included easing restrictions on weddings. Here's what we know so far about what 2021 weddings could look like in England.

As things currently stand, the plan aims for:
-Before 8th March, weddings with up to 6 people can take place only in "exceptional circumstances".
-From 8th March, weddings with up to 6 people (without need for exceptional circumstances).
-From 12th April, weddings with up to 15 people.
-From 17th May, weddings with up to 30 people.
-From 21 June, weddings with no limit on numbers.

There are two more points to take note of:
Where there are number restrictions (for example, weddings with up to 30 people), it hasn't been clarified whether this is the number of guests who can attend, or whether it also includes suppliers. We'll update this when we have an answer. 

Also, the Prime Minister has said that these are 'no earlier than' dates (for example, weddings with up to 30 people can happen 'no earlier' than 17th May), rather than set dates, and there's the possibility these could be pushed back, subject to regular reviews. There will be a minimum of five weeks between each step: four weeks for the data to reflect changes in restrictions; followed by seven days' notice of the restrictions to be eased.

However, it's a tentatively good step towards summer weddings ' and beyond. To find the most up-to-date accurate information about restrictions on weddings in England, visit the Government website, where you can also read the full roadmap document.

Image: Toby Lowe Photography