Emily Nixon's sea glitter collection

Emily Nixon's sea glitter collection

Article Published: Friday 20th October, 2023 - 11:14am

 Continually inspired by her home on the edge of West Cornwall, Emily Nixon’s jewellery evokes the ocean’s magic in the most captivating way. Her latest collection is entitled Sea Glitter and comprises glittering rings using the rare palette of yellows found in fancy diamonds. “This collection of the sunlit hues of fancy diamonds combined with smoothed sea-worn gold is an ode to the feeling of swimming through the far-reaching sparkle of sea glitter,” she says.Emily Nixon Wedding Jewellery Cornwall4Emily Nixon Wedding Jewellery Cornwall1

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“The sea and its ever-changing moods inspire me every day. Looking into underwater sea pools is my constant obsession, but in these latest designs I have played more with the idea of light on the water's surface,” Emily explains of her covet-worthy collection. “The smallest movements, from a swim stroke to the splash of a pebble, create this momentary glitter on the sea’s surface. This light, refracting on the water’s surface, feels so evocative of light shimmering and bouncing through a natural diamond.” Emily Nixon Wedding Jewellery Cornwall2

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Drawing inspiration from “the dance of light on the ocean’s surface, encapsulating the magical interplay between light and water into pieces radiating with the light of the sea”, Emily’s pieces combine natural sapphires and diamonds with her organic, handcrafted sea-worn settings to exquisite effect. From the statement allure of the sunshine diamond adakite ring in 18ct yellow gold to the rose gold gorgeousness of the cognac diamond anemone ring, expect to be captivated by Emily’s exquisite creations. You can peruse her collection online, or for a personal approach, book an appointment at her West Cornwall showroom.Emily Nixon Wedding Jewellery Cornwall3Emily Nixon Wedding Jewellery Cornwall8