Wedding music just for you

Wedding music just for you

Article Published: Friday 19th June, 2020 - 8:14am

For a beautifully bespoke soundtrack to your day, Cornwall's spectacular wedding string quartet, Classical Strings, are offering some innovative services to provide couples with personalised music options, however they decide to host their wedding.

Composing and dedicating a unique piece of music especially for you, Sue Aston will first arrange a video link chat to establish your musical tastes and preferences before composing something that not only reflects this - but includes your names or initials. "Perhaps you have written a poem or a song yourself?" she says, "I can set the poem to music or add an instrumental arrangement to your song."

"The music can be professionally recorded and I can arrange the sheet music so that any musicians (piano/strings/voice) can perform it live at the wedding or event in any part of the world. A professional recording could be made by us to be played at the event if we are not performing it ourselves, or the recording could be a gift for an anniversary."

In addition, for couples keen to stage an online ceremony or celebration, Sue can perform a stirring solo violin performance via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Ecamm Live, Facetime or Facebook. "I can play music from our repertoire for the bride and groom before the virtual ceremony begins, during and afterwards as the ceremony finishes," she explains.

And if you fancy an additional extra of a personalised wedding video, Sue and her talented team of musical maestros can film a piece of music from their repertoire with each appearing on screen at the same time, which will then be edited to create a customised video for you. "We have a professional recording and video editing facility so we can record your wedding song as an audio file and also film the virtual String Quartet in HD video," says Sue.

For more information visit her web pages Composed Just For You and Virtual Weddings.

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