Wedding Reception Styling in Cornwall and Devon

Natural styled shoot at Trevenna

Natural styled shoot at Trevenna

Wedding styling: green and natural

Simply stunning green-filled wedding styling

Wedding world is seeing a stripped-back approach to styling. Adopting the 'less is more' ethos in everything from the guest list to fashions, it was only a matter of time before the the overall look and feel of the day followed minimalist suit, with the natural world leading the way for decorative inspiration.

"This photoshoot was inspired by nature and using flowers and foliage that were available locally. I love to bring the outside in at Trevenna Barns as it is set amidst stunning grounds," says florist Marina Law at Artem Florem of the gorgeous fusion of natural elements with Trevenna's light-filled events space and stunning rural surrounds.

"With a slight nod to boho, the theme was to create a woodland wonderland with corkscrew willow hanging above the top table and suspended from the central ladder," she continues. "The idea was to create an installation that made you feel you were outside with foliage almost 'growing' from the willow branches. Fresh and dried grasses, poppy seed heads, ammi, cosmos and hydrangeas, to name a few, were incorporated into the designs to give a clean, crisp feel offering lots of texture, movement and interest."

Dried flowers added another layer to the floristry, with mini pampas grass complementing the delicate lacy texture of the ammi, while the tablescapes were kept simple to allow the hanging installations to remain the dynamic focal point. Marina points out another joy of the overall design - that the theme can be customised to suit all wedding dates simply by using seasonal flowers, which - being a champion of locally-grown flowers and foliage wherever possible - ensures that such eye-catching arrangements also help to achieve a more eco-friendly event.

The smattering of props such as flower-filled milk churns, neutral toned furniture, festoon lighting and hanging bulbs, and stunning stationery with natural motifs completes the spellbinding scene, where Trevenna's coveted location in the heart of Cornwall's countryside beautifully comes into its own.

Venue - Trevenna Barns
Flowers - Artem Florum
Flower installation assisted by Natalie Drake from Ellis Rose Floral Design
Stationery - Laura Likes
Lighting/installation - Alex and Cassie Darling at Light Up Weddings
Photography - Lucy Jones Photography
Flowers grown at South Milton Nursery

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