Gorgeous accessories from La Lune Alice

Gorgeous accessories from La Lune Alice

Article Published: Friday 27th August, 2021 - 4:32pm

Don't leave those final flourishes until the last minute, ladies. Instead, complete your bridal and bridal party's outfits with something special ' and maybe even custom-made ' to suit the look of your day while also ensuring the bespoke factor is in beautiful force. La Lune Alice Store handcrafts a range of hair accessories guaranteed to provide you with a bedazzling finishing touch. Ranging from boho-style floral crowns and hair vines to vintage combs, glitzy pins and timeless tiaras, every piece will add that certain something, whatever your individual look or sense of style.

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We're especially enamoured with the Leandra vine ' a gorgeous gold and pearl vine with gold leaf and flower detailing that can be customised with Swarovski crystals ' and the Chloe tiara ' the perfect addition to a bohemian or botanical-themed wedding with its pearl-encrusted gold leaf and flower accents. Then there's the understated beauty of a pair of freshwater pearl snowdrop earrings or a deep sea-blue lapis lazuli heart necklace. 

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Main image: Louise May Photography