Beautiful new accommodation at The Oak Barn

Beautiful new accommodation at The Oak Barn

Article Published: Thursday 23rd March, 2017 - 7:53pm

Nestled amidst acres of rolling green landscape in the heart of Devon, The Oak Barn at Hittisleigh Barton offers a charming and versatile setting for ceremonies and celebrations with a beautifully away-from-it-all ambience. From the collection of converted historic barns to the picturesque gardens, the venue offers atmosphere and rural beauty in abundance.

Adding to its charms, the venue has a new addition in the form of The Linhay, a former Edwardian dairy rebuilt in a mix of old and new styles which has been part clad in corrugated iron sheets taken off a nearby cattle house. "The sheets are around 50 years old and have weathered to the most amazing colours so we decided that they were too good for the cows and transferred them to the new building," explains owner Katharine Milverton. "It has raised a few eyebrows but looks great."

The Linhay contains a large bridal suite, Hollywood inspired make-up stations, a kitchen and two ground floor bedrooms. "The Linhay gives us a large dedicated space for the bride and bridesmaids to prepare for the wedding and has all the facilities hair stylists and make-up artists need," says Katharine. "It also increases our bedrooms on-site to 11, providing a greater choice of accommodation. The Linhay is a mix of something old, something new and we have put a new wall back up so the cows don't feel too blue!"

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Images: Jonathan Neale