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"Not all photo booths are created equally” If you're like us, you're not a fan of  the traditional photo booth. While popular they're often slow to set up and break down, and they can be a real eyesore.  Posh Booth is the solution! Our luxury photo booth is hand made in the UK, it looks fabulous and is very quick to set up and break down. Plus, we offer a range of fun props and backdrops to make your photos extra special.
Made of oak, sporting two large touch screens Posh booth can be photographing the party at the front while working the business at the back, emailing images and Boomerangs. Guests can even order extra prints. Loaded with the latest canon camera, directly linked to a fast computer powering up the two touch screens and a professional grade printer. He can take photographs and make boomerangs. The boomerangs are Gifs that can also be emailed using the rear screen. 
The lighting is set up to give a pleasing result using a high fashion beauty dish and a studio flash head.
We have a choice of backgrounds and offer a guest signing book service. 

The beauty of posh booth is our set up is classed as an open air booth, meaning guest are not squeezed into box and more people can join the fun. Not only that guests in the line waiting get to see the mayhem fun, everybody feels included.
His handsome features are an attraction alone brightening up the decor. 

Some of may remember the Photo booth Kim Kardashian used, well we have been busty using our photographic knowledge to come up with our Black and White glamour filter  The computer power is fast enough to apply the filter  quickly which smooths the skin that has already been softened using our professional lighting. 
The results look amazing. 

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