Holly Young enjoys Royal Ascot

Article Published: Monday 15th July, 2013 - 11:10am

In her latest report fresh from the world of hat fashion, Holly shares her exciting experiences with Jane Taylor at this year's lauded event...

"Last time I freelanced for Jane it was a snowy January and we were making the spring summer collection ready to go into the department stores. This time in the heat of summer we were producing couture one-off hats for celebrity clients and members of the Royal family for Royal Ascot.

Everything we made was completely hand crafted from scratch. This included ‘blocking’ the shapes on specially hand carved wooden hat blocks, re-enforcing each shape with wire,  hand dying feathers, curling feathers, stitching in linings, sewing on sparkles, making custom bows, lace trims, flowers and fabric swirls to name but a few of our daily tasks.

It was a very busy time and our work was only interrupted by intermittent shrieks of excitement as we all huddled round the TV and spotted various people wearing the hats that we had made, sometimes just the day before.

Some of the women Jane designed for included Emma Spencer, who wore three of Jane's hats whilst presenting on Channel Four; The Countess of Wessex, who wore three of Jane’s creations during the course of the week; Danielle Liniker, who wore an elegant large brimmed hat in mint on day one; and Amanda Wakeley, who rocked a modern take on the classic straw boater on day two and a dramatic pleasant feather headpiece on Ladies' Day.

Jane Taylor’s style is very elegant and flattering. She takes inspiration from vintage styles and makes them her own by using contemporary materials and techniques.  She is not afraid to make dramatic showpieces and equally intricately beautiful smaller accessories.
Ascot is such a great event for hats and fashion, it is a perfect excuse to dress to impress at an event that is quintessentially British! Colours that were well represented at Ascot this year were nude, coral, black, mint, purple, teal, navy and a touch of neon.

Of course anything goes at and it is a brilliant celebration of creativity, style, humor and a fantastic showcase for British Millinery."

More of Jane Taylor’s hats can be seen at www.janetaylormillinery.com

And Holly Young’s work is on www.hollyyoungboutique.com and available to view at her Truro studio in Prince’s House Cornwall.

Images sourced from:
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