Wedding Photographers in Cornwall

Your wedding photos will serve as an ever last memory of the event. The county contains a plethora of award-winning and groundbreaking photographers whose individual styles will personalise your images to ensure you an aptly beautiful album to treasure for a lifetime and beyond…

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Grant Lampard Photography

Tel: 07943 035436

Above all else, I believe in natural story telling. Every wedding is different and great wedding photography should not only capture the story, but also the love, happiness and excitement of the day. My style is predominately documentary with some creative fine art images. I capture all the little details you've put so much thought in to that add to your story. I use natural light where possible which allows me to work unobtrusively. By letting the day unfold naturally, I'm able to capture real genuine moments most of which you won't see.

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Khalile Siddiqui Photography

Tel: 07773 282319

3x winner of The South West Wedding Awards, 4x finalist at The Wedding Industry Awards’, Licensed & fully insured. Est.2007. 
We’re a husband and wife duo providing a relaxed but positive quality experience, from first meeting through to the delivery of your final products. We know how your party of a lifetime should be, and as such, shoot not only from experience but also from the heart. Tamsyn is also a makeup artist in attendance throughout the day, so she can do makeup freshen ups or even a change of look for the evening too.

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Paul Keppel Photography

Tel: 07854 172143

There is no better occasion to be taking photographs than at a wedding. To record a couples’ special day is an honour. It is undoubtedly the best time to capture those tears of joy, or the proud look on the parents’ faces through to big smiles and laughter. Because it’s your day, I will work with you in an informal, discreet manner, photographing you and your guests in a unobtrusive manner but also blending that style with more creative/dramatic wedding images that will have a contemporary fashion feel.

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L K Harris Photography

Tel: 07813 174940

Hi I'm Laura and taking photos of people makes me happy, what makes me even happier is taking photos of you living your greatest day ever! Few days are as emotionally charged as a wedding, it's the once in a lifetime moments that happen throughout this day that I love to capture for you to look back on fondly forever.
You and your carefully chosen guests are the focus of my attention and I believe that at no point should I be the focus of yours! I capture you and your guests naturally whilst you are immersed in the real events and excitement that unfold organically throughout the day, I'm all about real interactions!

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Verity Westcott Photography

Tel: 07412 364197

If you hate to have your photograph taken, if you think you are awkward in front of the camera.  if you like to break the rules. If you don't care what people think, and wish to do things your way. If you want your photography to be stress free, fun, unposed, then I am your photographer.

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Toby Lowe Photography

Tel: 07800 805081

Choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the hardest parts of organising your wedding day. 
My personal style is based around creating beautiful, intimate, classic and timeless imagery. I work in an unobtrusive and relaxed way, enabling me to document the finest details of your day while blending into the surroundings. By focussing on you and your day I am able to capture the warmth, happiness and love that is at the heart of every wedding.

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Thomas Frost Photography

I am a storyteller: I tell the story of one of the most important days in your life. I capture the details and the unseen moments that make that day special and original. Capturing unposed, natural and relaxed wedding images is my passion. I work in an unobtrusive manor whilst being dressed smartly and am extremely personable. My philosophy is to not intrude on your day and therefore allow you to enjoy every moment instead of spending excessive amounts of time waiting around for formal photos. All the while I will be creating modern and timeless images of the all important moments of your day.

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Abi Riley Photography

Tel: 07877 602169

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to witness and capture the emotions I feel and see from the people around me! My aim is to capture moments you didn’t even realise were happening, and provide you with precious memories of a day that will, no doubt, go by very quickly. I like to capture things as they unfold naturally, without interfering, from a photojournalistic and creative perspective. Each and every wedding is totally unique, so that’s how I like to approach it – no recreating past photos or set poses, I am there to capture your story, combined with the challenge of creating art.

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Ben Selway Photography

Tel: 07783 158 623

Hiya! I'm Ben and like all of the other photographers on here, I love shooting pictures. Your wedding day is about you guys and going wild with your guests. It's not about photography, leave that to us. We'll embed ourselves covertly amongst the party and record all of the moments you probably won't see. If my work floats your boat, I'd love to hear from you.

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Ben Wigglesworth Photography

My style to photography can be described as romantic and ethereal. It bring a delicate light to each photo to tell the honest and natural story of your day. Not through a series of poses or staged shots but through a unobtrusive and organic way to capture moments that resemble the feelings shared during your wedding.

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Enchanted Brides Photography

Tel: 07715 843160

I love adventure. And there's no better adventure than yours. The intimacy between you, that raw romance. Witnessing the secrecy and mystery of your elopement and capturing that connection, the emotion in each moment, this is the essence of Enchanted Brides. I paint pictures of depth and drama. Reflecting the un-staged sentiment paired with the elemental beauty of nature, creating a tapestry of truths that is heartfelt and authentic.My style is organic, mystical, creative and artful, perfect for intimate elopements, hand-fastenings, barefoot brides or simply for free spirits who feel their souls stirring. Follow your instinct, she knows the way...

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Harrera Images

Tel: 07795 608 941

Harrera Images was started by press and fashion photographer Andy Green.With a career spanning over 12 years in regional, national and international press Andy is well prepared now to create collections of some of the finest wedding pictures in the UK. Harrera Images offers a style that merges a documentary, reportage attitude and an understanding of art, fashion and colour with an objective to capture the decisive moments in your day with least intrusion.

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Leo Sharp Photography

Tel: 07957 597076

Hi, I’m Leo! My methodology for weddings is simple: I won’t get in your way. I will let the day flow and document the moments that happen spontaneously without asking you or your guests to pose. Those laughs, tears of joy, hugs, kisses, confetti throwing, champagne-cork popping, cake cutting, first dancing, register signing, saying I doing, welly wanging* … capturing these moments in time is what I love to do and it gives me a sense of fulfilment that can’t be matched.

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Mark Shaw Photography

Tel: 07738 418 846

Hey! I’m Mark and photograph weddings all over Cornwall in an emotive, unposed, storytelling style, priced from £1000. I’m drawn to happy…and weddings are full of them! You just be yourselves and party! and I’ll capture your day as it happens. So if you’re looking for a modern style wedding photographer, professional editing, and want your wedding photos to bring a smile on your face every time you look at them, I’m your man! please check my website, I’d love to hear from you.

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Philly Lewis Photography

Tel: 07900 414160

My relaxed, happy and honest approach to my work means you can forget about the cameras and throw yourself into your big day. With me as your photographer those organic, beautiful moments will be captured to reflect your day perfectly. I like to fully capture the emotion, the smiles and tears and create images that truly reflect the true spirit of your wedding.

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Salt & Sea Photography Co.

Our objective is to create evocative, beautiful & relaxed imagery that is inspired by narrative, nature & whimsy. Specialising in weddings, we pour a lot of love & soul into what we do and no task is taken lightly. With meticulous care & passion in every project we undertake, Salt & Sea Photography Co. is the first choice of couples looking for a spirited, unique & fun loving wedding photographer that captures the true essence of their story through a mix of relaxed contemporary documentary style photography & charming, creative portraits of romance & still life. We believe in natural storytelling above all else & do our very best to disprove the stereotype of the bossy, fussy and intrusive photographer. Our services are bespoke, customising anything from the package itself to the finish of the photographs around you as a couple.

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South Weds Photography

Tel: 07799 002417

I know how important it is to deliver the shots you want; photos that capture and evoke the most heartfelt emotions. Specialising in unobtrusive, reportage-style photography, I'll pick up on the little details and moments that go into making your wedding so special, and I promise you those natural, one-off images you’ll treasure forever. But don’t just take my word for it – have a look at my portfolio and see what my past brides and grooms have to say. 

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Suzanne Johnson Photography

Tel: 07854 581 499

My approach is simple: I observe, document and smile all the way. I love art and love creating beautiful photographs. In each of my photographs I try to capture ‘the moment’ and aim to create a set of images that not only tell your story but are also full of atmosphere, drama, love and most of all capture the essence of your personalities.

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Hannah Wilde

Tel: 07508 596322

"I’m Hannah Wilde and I’m a bit of a romantic gypsy traveller at heart. Having grown up travelling the world I fell in love with people watching, art, music, and the magic of storytelling. My love affair with photography started at a young age and I’ve developed a natural, authentic, candid style that is, it seems, perfectly suited to Wedding Photography these days. I’m self-taught, young, friendly and unobtrusive, with a fresh and fun approach, and if you’re anything like my past clients it is very likely we will become good friends. This is likely to be the biggest day of your life, with you centre stage in your very own fairy tale, and there’s nothing more emotive and beautiful in my eyes than true love. The artist in me is always keen to go above and beyond to capture your moments in a truthful, emotive, and almost cinematic way that generations to come will treasure. Let me tell your story… "

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Margo R Photography

Tel: 07895 464406

Photographing people and making them happy is my biggest passion. I am a big fan of natural, reportage style photography, which makes people feel relaxed. I love to break tradition. I'll happily photograph a traditional wedding but I like to be able to offer a couple the option of having creative, less traditional images of their big day. I am an upbeat, positive person and I aim to get this energy across to my clients.

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Adam Gibbard Photography

Tel: 07790 567 434

Beautiful, stylish and creative wedding images, captured in a fun and unobtrusive manner. Pictures that convey the essence and emotion of your wedding day, the laughter, the joy and the tears. Complimentary engagement session with every booking.

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Arianna Fenton Photography

Tel: 07989 977632

I capture weddings as unobtrusively as I would like my own to be captured, providing you with images that are unforced, natural and full of life. I creatively and sensitively document the beautiful reality of your wedding, giving you everlasting memories of all those little details, special moments and precious people that make your day completely unique and totally yours.

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Ashley Hampson Photography

Tel: 07834 542280

I have been a professional wedding photographer for ten years now. I possess the confidence, manner and ability to provide creative, reportage styled photography, whilst also being happy to take charge, politely organise groups and direct portraiture on location. My preference is to use natural light wherever possible. It allows me to work quickly, creatively and unobtrusively, letting the day unfold, capturing the magic of your wedding as it happens and keeping the focus on you. I think the very best photos are those little moments that last a split second. Those perfect expressions, laughs and happy tears. This is what I'm looking for when I shoot weddings and I don't interfere. I want to do something different and unique that will have that timeless feel

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Claire Hosken Photography

Tel: 01326 561807

I love weddings and capturing all the different parts of the day through my photography - i love to record your fabulous day, all the people, places, and details that make your up your special day. Each wedding is individual and i make sure i capture all those special moments for you to treasure.

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Kevern Photography

Tel: 07415 651914

Each wedding and couple are individual and we pride ourselves on our diversity and ease of style that can be adapted to suit each client we are fortunate to share their special day with. We respect the importance of your wedding and always work as a team ensuring an unobtrusive, dedicated service, delivering quality photography at a realistic price suitable for everyone's needs.

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Lucy Turnbull Photography

Tel: 01822 835961

I love photography, I love weddings and I love shooting weddings. It's one of those trinity things - serendipity. My approach is largely lifestyle meets reportage and is as flexible as you need it to be. Exuberant, informal, relaxed.

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McKenzie Brown Photography

Tel: 07846 590458

My style is natural, elegant and relaxed. I adore warm natural light and pictures filled with softness, laughter and love. I shoot on both digital and vintage film cameras mixing Fine Art and Reportage to create images that are timeless and a little bit different. I am based in Devon, but travel all over the UK and abroad. With over 15 years experience in the photographic world, I hold a BA (Hons) in Photography and regularly feature on many of the UK wedding blogs. I also love cake!

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Nick Bailey Photography

Tel: 07816 251838

I just adore taking photographs of people and to be able to capture a couples most precious and important day is an enormous honour for me. I let your day happen naturally where I create unpretentious yet unforgettable photographs. My theory is, the more enjoyment you are having the better the photograph I will get.

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Ocean Grown Photography

Tel: 07816 213 328

Andrew and Helena (a husband and wife team) work together to make sure that your Wedding Day is captured effortlessly and with love; Each with their unique photography backgrounds rooted in theatre and sport, together they create reportage wedding photography, with a contemporary feel.
At Ocean Grown Photography, your photographers understand that every moment is special, and aim to capture even the smallest of details that build up to make your Wedding Day truly unforgettable. When the day is over, Ocean Grown makes it possible for you to re-live those moments again and again, creating new memories every time.
“Each Wedding is completely different and unique; anything can happen. It is a thrill to be involved in capturing such an intensely personal and special day!
Let us tell your story…”

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Pervaiz Shah Photography

Tel: 01736 755043 | St Ives

"As a wedding co-ordinator I am always delighted when couples tell me they have booked Pervaiz as their wedding photographer. Having worked with Pervaiz on many occasions I feel he has a special gift for making couples and their guests feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in front of the camera." Mandy Dunn.

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Peter Haken Photography

Tel: 01872 501100

A creative candid documentary wedding photographer based in Cornwall but covering Cornwall to the Cotswolds. Shooting with a relaxed unscripted approach. Telling your days story, the emotion, your parents proud look, the first look, the laughter, fun and love that you shared with family and friends. Working with you and your guests in an informal fashion, letting the day unfold organically.

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Ross Talling Photography

Tel: 07525 781128

I'm a Cornish based wedding photographer, and I absolutely love my job! It’s a genuine privilege to be entrusted to photograph one of the most important days of people’s lives, and I understand the importance of the responsibility.  My modern unobtrusive approach is to document and tell the story of your day with natural candid photographs, along with beautiful timeless portraits capturing you looking your absolute best. I'm Cornwall's only member of the 'Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association', a very prestigious and exclusive organization which has very high standards for inclusion, not anyone can become member.

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Stewart Girvan Photography

Tel: 01209 480699

Capturing creative, natural and contemporary photographs, I offer coverage from bridal preparations through to your first dance.I work in an unobtrusive and discrete manor to create a visual story of your day. The vast majority of photographs are taken in a documentary style - I stand back and capture things as they happen. I firmly believe this creates the most natural looking photographs.
If you like what you see, please take a look at my website for more information.

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Thomas Foreman Photography

Tel: 07773 085427 | Cornwall & Devon

Tom's relaxed and informal approach is evident in the candid quality of his images. Unobtrusive yet with an innate eye for detail, he effortlessly captures a range of stylish shots that perfectly portray the mood and characters of the event. From fashion to family portraits, landscapes and trash the dress - Tom provides an extensive service with beautifully bespoke and breathtaking results.

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Travers and Brown Photography

Tel: 01637 818301

Travers & Brown photography has been created from one man’s passion for photography (obsessively spanning all types and eras of cameras and print processes) combined with his extensive experience of the wedding industry. We primarily shoot digital, but have been known to break out the Polaroid if the mood takes us. We are strong believers that your wedding should be about you and your enjoyment of the day, and as such we believe in capturing your day's events as and when they happen.

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Brian Robinson Photography

Tel: 07905 606424

'Brian's whole approach to our wedding photography centered around his absolute desire to capture every moment of the day in exactly the way we wanted'. 

I am an established Wedding Photographer in Cornwall, offering unobtrusive documentary wedding photography. Every wedding is unique, my vision is to capture your day and all of the little moments in-between.

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Liberty Pearl Photography

Tel: 07863 889677

Are you……. inspired by nature….. addicted to adventure?
Do you love exploring the rugged Cornish coastline….. wild swimming in rivers........... chasing sunlight through moorland forests .......... Booking Liberty Pearl as your elopement or wedding photographer promises a real adventure. We will climb mountains, journey through fields and explore sensational coastal locations to ensure that perfect sunset shot.  I will help you plan for exciting photographs that will capture you against the riotous backdrop that nature provides, getting to know you both and building a real relationship with you, resulting in beautiful imagery that portrays your personal love story! 
I love capturing pure natural love, whether it's a secret proposals, intimate elopements or 3 day wedding celebration

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