This Week in Wed World

Article Published: Thursday 8th March, 2018 - 11:48am

It was a rather chilly one in Wed World this week, thanks to blizzards courtesy of the Beast from the East, plus the onslaught of Storm Emma to really give our brides and grooms a wedding to remember! But as these gorgeous images show, they fully embraced it – and the results are spectacular. 

From the wrapped-up cosiness of a bride in a chunky knit to matching blankets for the bridal party, it was a week of stylish furs, pom-pom beanies and wellies under wedding dresses! We had a gorgeous bride in a floral pink gown, an arrival by Segway – and then the sun came out and dried up all that snow.

Plus, we’ve heard over and over again this week how simply amazing south-west wedding suppliers have been. Whether it’s trudging through snowfields on foot to get to an off-the-beaten-track venue, keeping spirits up as temperatures dropped, or stepping in at the last minute to help deliver cakes, bouquets – and even brides! – they all went above and beyond to make sure their happy couples got the wedding they deserved. 

And one thing’s for sure – this is one week that Wed World won’t forget!