Win a Gucci Necklace from Michael Spiers at The Wed Show!

Article Published: Tuesday 18th March, 2014 - 1:09pm

Boast some designer bling by winning one The Wed Show's most coveted prizes in the fabulous form of a Gucci chalcedony necklace from Michael Spiers Jewellery.

Retailing at 210, the stunning necklace is one example of the array of amazing offerings available at the celebrated independent jewellers, whose extensive collection of jewellery covers everything from bracelets, earrings and necklaces to classic timepieces and contemporary cufflinks.

The family business has been crafting and selling engagement rings for over 60 years and are renowned for supplying couples with a stunning range of engagement and wedding rings, as well as innovatively allowing them to design their own rings with their special iPad tool, ConfigureRing. Considering every aspect such as alloy, width, shape and weight, customers can design distinctive rings tailored specifically to their personal requirements - including metals, shape, pattern and exquisite embellishments such as diamonds.

Visit the The Wed Show for your chance to win this utterly fabulous prize or pre-register now to ensure you're included in our incredible prize draw.