The Day That marks 10 years of new beginnings

Article Published: Saturday 20th June, 2015 - 8:59am

Unique gifts company The Day That turns 10 on the 21st of June - celebrating this milestone by sharing all 3,653 sunrises photographed during the past 10 years on Pinterest for everyone to enjoy.

Photographing the dawn of a new day is at the heart of The Day That, offering unique and special personalised gifts to mark the beauty and significance that one day can hold to somebody. The team have captured the sunrise over St Ives Bay in Cornwall every morning for the past 10 years - amounting to a staggering 3,653 photographs, and uncountable memories framed for customers both nationally and internationally.

Gavan Goulder, founder of The Day That, describes this scene, saying, “Each sunrise is symbolic of the dawn of a day that changed somebody’s life, and each gift illustrates new beginnings and memorable moments.” Sir Elton John is a fan of The Day That saying, "It really does capture the spirit of a new life beginning - such a memorable moment and one we shall never forget. It's so beautiful.”

Presented in a variety of gifts, people can choose a sunrise taken on a particular day that holds special significance to them. Each photograph is beautifully framed and personalised, which can be with a baby’s name and date of birth, or, if for a wedding, with a couple’s name and date of marriage.

Inspired by the birth of a close friend’s baby in 2000, Gavan took a photograph to capture the special event and gave it as a gift to mark ‘Teddy’s First Day’. He started the business after the birth of his first daughter in 2005 and from there the idea flourished to include sunrise photography. The Day That is now recognised across the world for its distinctive sentiment to capture a slice in time, and is the only company in Europe offering this unique service.

Whether it’s to mark a birth (like its humble beginnings), a wedding or anniversary or another special day, the photograph becomes very poignant to its owner. Emma Bunton is another celebrity to endorse the uniqueness of a framed sunrise saying, "The most romantic wedding gift on the market”.

The Day That celebrates 10 years on Sunday 21st June, which is also Father’s Day. This is a perfect example of a special occasion that can be marked with one of their unique gifts – the day that someone became a dad.

You can see the celebratory collection on Pinterest here.

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