A Bride's Diary part 1

Article Published: Friday 12th August, 2011 - 3:37pm

Zoe's Getting Married! Part 1 
by Wed Magazine reader Zoe McDonald 

I do, I do, I do.
I just donít know where, when or how much itís going to cost.

Yes readers, just like you, Iím engaged. In fact, I have been for seven months. And up until now Iíve done pretty much nothing about it. Niente. Zilch. 

Donít get me wrong, I havenít stopped thinking about it since he popped the question at the top of the Empire State building. The problem is we just havenít got around to booking anything. Not even a date. 

But thatís about to change. 

First, we need a venue. Somewhere beautiful (not difficult in Cornwall). Somewhere romantic (again, shouldnít be too difficult). And somewhere different, with great food and a great atmosphere. Now this could be a little trickier. Why? Well, in our thirteen years as a couple we have been to A LOT of weddings, all of them beautiful. Letís just say the pressure is most definitely on, but we like a challenge.

Our first challenge Ė finding the perfect venue. Did I mention that we live 345 miles away in Manchester? We may as well be in Timbuktu. 

But, after upping our broadband usage to Unlimited I think we might just have found the perfect placeÖ 

Beautiful. Tick. Romantic. Tick. Different. Tick. I think Trevenna has got it all. We just need to do that booking thing. And soon.

So with the venue (almost) in the bag itís on to the next thing on the list. One guess. No, not the invites. Nor the flowers. And nope, the hen night can wait. Right now, itís all about The Dress. Followed very closely by the shoes. 

Now Iíve yet to try on a single dress, but Iíve got a few (expensive) designers in mind. Iím thinking a vintage inspired number, maybe ivory satin with lace sleeves, aka the Duchess of Cornwall. My other half seems more interested in her sister. But this is one decision he has absolutely no say in. Well, apart from the budget, maybe. 

Speaking of the budget, this whole wedding thing is a lot more expensive than I thought itíd be. But hey, thereís no turning back now.

Part 2 is coming soon