Winter tipi weddings with World Inspired Tents

Article Published: Tuesday 13th October, 2015 - 11:25am

What could be more magical in winter than a tipi wedding? Picture ambient lighting, snug interiors and sparkly decor all combining to create an enchanting scene oozing all the heart-stirring romance and atmosphere of the season.

World Inspired Tents are at the helm of tipi weddings in the southwest, boasting a beautiful host of Nordic tipis that ensure the wow factor is in full force throughout.

Check out Gorgeous Films' latest World Inspired Tents video for a spectacular sneak peek here:

Originally from Scandinavia, tipis provide the perfect winter venue, housing a combination of specially designed open fires and powerful space heaters for warmth; while oak doors, covered walkways and reindeer skins - along with with fairy lights and candles - form a stylish and uber cosy space for your guests to settle and celebrate in.

Another bonus for anyone considering a winter wedding in these beautiful tipis is that World Inspired Tents also offer an out of season discount. For more information contact the team on, 01271 851160 or visit: