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Whether you want to wear it again as part of your extended celebrations ( or just for fun! ) or stow it away as a family heirloom, your wedding dress can wind up less than perfect after the days of I Dos, but some expert cleaning by L J Laundry Services can help to return it to its original glory. † To ensure that itís properly cleaned and packed away to preserve the most precious of gowns for years to come, staff painstakingly scan every inch of your dress to remove the smallest of stains and fix things such as loose beading using a special lagoon cleaning system on the most delicate of fabrics for spotless results. You then have the option to pack your dress in one of their beautiful handmade storage boxes by The Empty Box Company, which offers protection from light and dust that can damage a dress over time. Comprised of pH neutral materials to prevent any fabric discolouration, the boxes allow air circulation to eliminate the risk of mildew and whatís more, they can come in a beautiful pattern of your choice.