Ashley Hampson Photography

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I have been a professional wedding photographer for eleven years now. I possess the confidence, manner and ability to provide creative, reportage styled photography, whilst also being happy to take charge, politely organise groups and direct portraiture on location. My preference is to use natural light wherever possible. It allows me to work quickly, creatively and unobtrusively, letting the day unfold, capturing the magic of your wedding as it happens and keeping the focus on you. I think the very best photos are those little moments that last a split second. Those perfect expressions, laughs and happy tears. This is what I'm looking for when I shoot weddings and I don't interfere. I want to do something different and unique that will have that timeless feel.

Articles Featuring Ashley Hampson Photography:

Pumpkins and Pine Cones

Emma and Pete's bonfire night celebration at The Alverton

House of Love

Claire and Noel's sunny wedding at Merchants Manor

Love in Bloom

Zara and Craig go way back - to secondary school in fact. "I fancied him like crazy!" says Zara.