Laura Hingston Flowers

Article Published: Monday 8th September, 2014 - 8:55am

Experienced in everything from event styling to all types of wedding, Laura Hingston's fabulous floristry is testament to her innate eye, perfectionist approach and tailor made service that works specifically to suit her clients' individual tastes with professional and artistic flair. Approaching every wedding as a blank canvas, she is able to reflect the personalities, emotions and ambience of the day.

Having grown up in rural Devon and studied both art history and modern art across the globe, Laura's entire life has served as a great source of inspiration, fuelling her passion and honing her skills within her chosen artistic arena where every arrangement is a mini masterpiece of nature's finest offerings.

Taking inspiration from the way plants and flowers grow naturally, Laura always looks for different shapes and textures. Using locally grown, seasonal flowers that convey the English countryside in all of its unbridled beauty, Laura combines flowers from local growers and real Devon gardens with her own wildflowers and home grown blooms for fresh, natural and colourful displays that are as inspired as they are spectacularly unique.