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What’s a wedding without flowers? While more couples choose to pour their personalities into ever more distinctive celebrations, the tradition of flowers is one element that remains a constant.

And it’s not difficult to see why. Wedding flowers are enriched with numerous symbolic meanings and cultural associations – the bridal bouquet, for example, is representative of fertility. But strip back the tradition and symbols, and most brides want flowers for one reason only: those visions of silken petals can’t be beaten for sheer prettiness.

As well as expressing a sense of individual style, floral arrangements are a key factor in conveying your wedding theme or colour scheme. Then there’s the scent; from sweet lily of the valley to spicy chrysanthemum, the scent of your blooms can really add to the ambience of a wedding.

Let Wed get you started with our tips from some of Cornwall’s foremost florists.

Wedding flowers Cornwall

Think budget
Flowers in season not only look their best – they’re cheaper too. Other flowers to consider are gerbera, which are fun, contemporary, cheap and available in a range of colours, and lilies, as you don't need many to make a statement. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

Choose one or two luxury flowers like orchids or calla lilies, which can be your focal point, and combine them with local and seasonal flowers. This will keep costs down as well as ensuring good quality. Lizi, Wheal Sara Flowers   

Try and book your flowers in plenty of advance. This way, your florist can get the best price on whatever stems you wish to go for. Choosing flowers in season means that the price is often much lower than flowers that are being forced to grow out of their natural growing time. Buying locally grown material also ensures the highest quality and freshness. Emma and Lucy, Daisy Roots

If you’re going for a modern look, choose an eye-catching contemporary design with minimal flower content. Try a bouquet made of steel grass with flowers wired and glued on or a modern A-line style bouquet. You can have as little as seven flowers and structural foliage, which can create an amazing effect. Lizi, Wheal Sara Flowers   

Most florists rent out the glassware for table arrangements at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them. We also hire out freestanding trees and other structures, which can be decorated to match the wedding and returned afterwards to minimise costs. Emma and Lucy, Daisy Roots

Consider using your larger arrangements in both the ceremony venue and the reception. Archway garlands, pedestal arrangements and pew end flowers can often be repositioned later on. You could also use your table flowers as wedding favours or thank you gifts. Emma and Lucy, Daisy Roots

Wedding flowers Cornwall

Indulge in a palette of pretty pastels, with muted shades of pink, blue, cream and peach, for fabulously feminine wedding flowers. Taking inspiration from an ice cream theme, these artful creations by Wheal Sara Flowers ooze delicious designer flair.
Wedding flowers by Wheal Sara Flowers
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Think seasonal
Some of the stars of the seasons…
Lily of the Valley

Sweet pea

Calla lily


Consider your height and style of dress when you’re choosing your bridal bouquet. For example, if your dress is very detailed keep the bouquet simple and hand-tied. A dress with a long train worn by a tall bride looks lovely with a trailing shower bouquet. For shorter brides, an elegant teardrop bouquet will add height. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

If your bodice is particularly detailed, there’s no point having a huge wild bouquet that would conceal it; a long and elegant bouquet to carry over one arm would work well. If the dress is simple and fitted, choose a clustered posy or a long teardrop bouquet, which would follow the lines of the dress, enhancing the shape. Smaller women often suit a smaller bouquet, whereas a tall bride can carry off an arrangement with a lot of length. The style of the wedding also inspires the shape of your wedding bouquet. If the day itself is very informal, then a rigid set design would probably look out of place whereas a loose natural piece would carry the theme well. Emma and Lucy, Daisy Roots

Wedding flowers Cornwall

Think bespoke
Personalise your bridal bouquet by adding a special piece of jewellery such as a string of pearls or a brooch. This is particularly poignant if it belongs to someone special such as your grandmother. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

Whether it’s shabby chic, fairytale or seaside, a wedding theme gives you a great basis to work from and helps with choosing your colour scheme, favours and table displays. Lizi, Wheal Sara Flowers

Choose place names that are special to the bride and groom and incorporate them into the design of the reception flowers. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

Include a favourite flower in your bridal bouquet that reminds you of your childhood and decorative items such as butterflies and diamante initials. Lizi, Wheal Sara Flowers   

Message trees are becoming very fashionable. I use a large urn filled with twisted willow decorated with flowers to follow the theme. Small tags are then tied to ribbon and guests are invited to write a message for the bride and groom and hang on the tree. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

Wedding flowers Cornwall

Choose snow-white flowers with a dusting of sparkle for simple and timeless elegance. These stunning creations from Stephenie at Designer Wedding Flowers combine classic white blooms with mirrors and diamante detail to dazzling effect.
Wedding flowers by Designer Wedding Flowers
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One of the current trends is to use a lot of British varieties of seasonal flowers to create a real 'garden party' style. Scent is very popular so we’ve been using lots of sweet peas and stocks. We've been mixing large headed blousey blooms with hedgerow foliages and herbs in clustered and natural hand-tied designs. Eclectic selections of containers, such as teapots, cake stands and jugs, are also proving very popular. Emma and Lucy, Daisy Roots

Wedding flowers Cornwall

I have noticed a growing trend for simplicity, keeping flowers natural with herbs added for scent. Pastels are looking big for 2011, with lots of lilac and purple shades. Stephenie, Designer Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

It's all about pastel shades and the vintage look at the moment; soft pinks, blues and whites are a real winner with classic English flowers such as peonies, stocks, hydrangea and roses. Lace is replacing ribbon to give a vintage feel, and the most popular design is still the hand-tied bouquet but the classic shower bouquet (with an up-to-date twist) is slowly catching up. Natural-looking bouquets are another growing trend, while bright yellow sunflowers and bright blue delphiniums are becoming a popular table design combination. Lizi, Wheal Sara Flowers

Wedding flowers Cornwall

Be bold with bird of paradise bursts of yellow and green with a twist of pink. These inventive arrangements from Daisy Roots combine juicy shades and waxy textures, Rainforest Certified exotic flowers and biodegradable copper wire for an eco and playful twist on the theme.
Wedding flowers by Daisy Roots
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