Bridal Fashion - Wedding Dress Shoots

Wedding Dresses Cornwall

Shot on a Cornish coast, the collaboration between a small group of the south west's talented industry creatives - and that soul-stirring sea-gazing backdrop - provides a gorgeous gallery of wow-worthy images for all types of bride to swoon over.

Featuring a range of fashions from Christine Trewinnard alongside stunning headpieces from Holly Young and spectacularly apt, light-glinting jewellery from Croyde Seaglass, the results are a resplendent reflection of all of the people and place involved.

"My vision was to create an ethereal, dreamy and muted look ensuring they were bright images too," says photographer Olivia Bayly. Living in the idyllic village of Bolingey near Perranporth, much of her inspiration draws from her surrounds - as is evident from the len's connection with the land in this uber atmospheric shoot.

With a passion for photography extending back to the tender age of 12, Olivia developed her love and skills throughout school and eventually graduated from University. Now she strives to work and collaborate with as many different brands as she can to create look books and promoting small and large businesses to create a wider online presence for her clients, continually adapting her style to suit the type of work she is given while remaining rooted to the dreamy, whimsical aesthetic that she so adores.

Photography - Olivia Bayly
Bridal Dresses - Christine Trewinnard
Jewellery - Croyde Seaglass
Headpieces - Holly Young
Make-up Artist - Neila Dawes
Model - Emily Tsura Hardisty