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Vegan weddings are the next big thing to hit our trestle tables, but how do you serve up a vegan feast that everyone – meat-eaters included – will devour?

Vegetables are big news right now: according to the latest stats, 3.5 million Brits identify as vegan. With so many people choosing to shun animal products – whether for the animals, the planet or their own health – it’s no surprise that wedding menus are getting a veggie makeover too.

“At least two or three guests at 99% of our events are vegan, and require a vegan alternative to the menu choice. Even more are vegetarian,” says Sophie from Posh Nosh ( “People are increasingly health-conscious and perhaps see vegetarianism and veganism as a healthier lifestyle choice. I think the fact that animal agriculture and meat-eating is contributing massively to climate change has perhaps had an effect as well; people are much more aware of their carbon footprint.”

Posh Nosh

Sarah and Lucy from The Round Kitchen ( have also noticed a spike in vegan requests in recent years. “I think food is fashionable, just as clothes are, and also media-driven. There are also lots of famous people endorsing vegan lifestyles and I honestly think it has become very trendy,” Sarah says. “Lucy and I do a vegan detox for a month every year, so we have lots of ideas as to how to make vegan food delicious and interesting.”

This kind of attitude inspires more people to go vegan, according to Sophie. “Catering companies and restaurants have had to come up with interesting and tasty alternatives as it’s no longer deemed acceptable to provide a bog-standard risotto or green salad. Vegans and vegetarians are not necessarily getting the raw end of the deal anymore.”

So if you’re planning to throw a vegan wedding – or if you need options for your vegan guests – follow our advice to help you plan a plant-based feast fit for even the fussiest of friends…

Posh Nosh

Find a flexible caterer
“Ensure you have a flexible caterer who understands your requirements,” says Sarah. “We’ve had vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian clients tell us how they sent out a brief to various caterers, and received menus including chicken and ham!”
Sophie adds: “Seasonality, venue and theme will all have parts to play in your menu, but you’re best meeting with a few caterers to discuss the different options and get their ideas. You’ll get a feel for not only them as a company but also whether or not their style and flavours will suit you and your day.”

Let your guests know in advance
“Whilst you may be passionately vegan or vegetarian, not all of your guests might feel the same way. It is worth considering either informing people beforehand, or having a fish dish or even a chicken dish for meat-eaters who are sometimes unnecessarily alarmed or put off just because there is no meat on the menu. We have had a couple of vegan weddings where the older generation guests were really not happy about the lack of meat – so informing in advance is recommended,” says Sarah.

Consider how it will look on the plate
“It is very important to us that vegetarians and vegans have as much of an exciting culinary experience as our meat-eating clients. We have particular dishes on our menu that are entirely vegan and gluten-free, but we also try to, where possible, tweak certain vegetarian dishes to make them vegan, by using vegan-friendly ingredients such as vegan cream or vegan cheese, so all the guests appear to be having the same dish. When this is possible, it works really well, as aesthetically it keeps continuity on the table,” says Sophie.

Potager Garden (Enchanted Brides Photography)

Bring your ideas to the table
“We pride ourselves on our flexibility so we basically listen to our clients’ ideas, favourite dishes and styles and then do lots of research,” says Sarah. “One vegan-vegetarian couple lived in London and we organised a meeting with them at their favourite vegan restaurant. After talking through their extensive ideas we wrote a menu, which we bounced between us until they had exactly what they wanted.”

Consider a sharing-style menu
“We find that our sharing style of dining works really well when catering entirely vegetarian and vegan, as we’re able to produce gorgeous, colourful and flavoursome sharing salads in brightly coloured dishes, perfect for rustic barn or marquee summer weddings,” says Sophie.

Book a tasting

“Always book in for a tasting, so you know exactly what to expect on the day,” says Sophie. “It is at this point that you can also discuss other important elements such as what crockery and cutlery is provided for the tables and, if you’re opting for a sharing style of dining, what dishes or boards the food is presented on,” says Sophie.

Posh Nosh

Loving the idea of a vegan wedding breakfast, but a little stuck for inspiration? Let these sample menus from the experts whet your appetites

The Round Kitchen

Basil and olive tapenade and home-roasted cherry tomato crostini
Glazed peach, fresh mint and pistachio croutes
Mexican-style mixed bean chilli and avocado tortilla wrap pinwheels
Tempura mixed vegetables, served with a spiced plum relish

Garlic wild mushroom, butter bean, spinach and rocket pâté, served with melba toast fingers and a fig, honey and rosemary chutney

Main course

Oven-roasted baked bell pepper, with a toasted pine nut, bulgur wheat and Kalamata olive stuffing, finished with a fresh herb and citrus dressing
Baked butternut squash with a roasted broccoli, red onion and spinach stuffing, finished with a fresh herb and horseradish olive oil dressing
Courgette, aubergine and chestnut mushroom ratatouille, finished with a roasted mixed pepper, red onion and roasted tomato sauce


Individual avocado, date and dark chocolate mousse, topped with mixed berries and a pecan praline dust

Potager Garden (Enchanted Brides Photography)

Posh Nosh

Hot and sour aubergine on roasted pepper bruschetta
Peppered tofu, basil, harlequin olive and oven-cured tomato skewer
Cauliflower and sage onion bhaji
Moroccan vegetable tagine in a potato cup


Basil tofu Scotch egg with red lentil, served with homemade piccalilli mayo and herby salad
Stuffed vine tomato with broad bean, pea and asparagus mousse, served with avocado balls and micro leaves
Poached pear and walnut salad with chicory


Sautéed gnocchi with chargrilled vegetables and garden herb oil
Mushroom goulash with spring onion pilau rice and chargrilled courgette, finished with a coriander dressing, served with homemade vegan bread
Stir-fried vegetables tossed with wild garlic, chilli and ginger served with herby rice timbale, chargrilled basil tofu, avocado mousse and toasted cashews

Sharing dishes
Black bean bolognaise with spiced rice
Chickpea and kale curry served with vegetable quinoa
Posh Nosh chickpea, courgette and pepper burgers
Chargrilled herby tofu, courgette, mushroom, red onion and pepper kebabs
Sprouting beans, summer leaves, summer herbs, avocado, baby tomatoes and toasted sunflower seeds salad
Chilli-roasted squash, courgettes and garlic baby spinach salad topped with pine nuts
Tomato party salad – lots of tomatoes, lots of herbs, giant couscous and basil oil
Roasted sweet potato, toasted seeds, vegan yoghurt and fried kale

Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh

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