Wedding menu inspiration from Cornwall Chef

Article Published: Thursday 26th November, 2015 - 2:01pm

Treat your guests to a gastronomy like no other for a top tasting wedding courtesy of caterers extraordinaire, Cornwall Chef. Run by dynamic duo, Corrina and Steve, their creative and inspired menus guarantee food with flair as they expertly tailor their cuisine to suit your exact requirements - whether it be a simple yet bespoke barbecue or formal fine dining.

Imagine chowing down some tantalising canapes such as mini pollock cakes with apple beetroot salsa followed by starters of ham hock sweet onion terrine, caper berries and Cornwall Chef bread, followed by magnificent mains of pork tenderloin, juniper berries, dauphinoise potatoes and spiced root veg.

Sounds utterly delicious.

We took the time out to delve into their magnificent world of wedding catering with a little food-focused chat...

Can you summarise the sort of catering you offer and explain why it's so awesome?
There are no limits to what we offer here at Cornwall Chef. We think flexibility is the key to an awesome catering business. We obviously have our own personal favourite cuisines and styles but we work with clients closely and try to turn their visions into reality.

We really focus on keeping things interesting in all of our dishes, we like to use a wide variety of flavours and spices and we concentrate largely on making sure the food looks as good as it tastes - very important! We are all about big, bold flavours and bright, vibrant plates!

What are you top tips for making sure brides and grooms don't end up with the all too frequent standard wedding catering? Any questions they should ask potential caters?

Communication and honesty - the most important factors when it comes to wedding catering - and lots of it! Donít be afraid to tell caterers exactly what you want, even if it seems an impossibility! Thereís normally always a way around things.

Finer details Ė tell us everything! The more information we have from the beginning the better, this will help us to be able to deliver exactly what you want on the day.

Bespoke menus Ė we write all our menus bespoke to each client so donít be afraid to make changes or give honest feedback so we can work together to create your perfect wedding breakfast.

Do you think serving something a bit different has to cost more than traditional wedding catering? If not, how can budget bride and grooms afford something creative?

We think that any style is affordable if a bride and groom is creative enough. We have catered for so many different themes and budgets over the years and we havenít ever found that having something a bit different to be any more expensive than the more traditional wedding.

Have you noticed a trend towards brides and grooms wanting something 'a bit different'? Why do you think that is?
Yes we have. People seem to be moving away from the traditional three-course sit down formal wedding breakfast and prefer to have a big sharing feast style meal or informal barbecue. I think brides and grooms just want their special day to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and what better way to do this than have everyone sharing food? Itís a great way to get people talking and at weddings there are often guests who have never met so it breaks the ice.

What is the most memorable food you've served at a wedding?
It has to be a lovely antipasti sharing platter to start which was full of cured meats, Cornish cheeses, little smashed pea bruschettas, smoked mackerel and green apple rillettes, olives, marinated vegetables and crusty bread followed by some melt in the mouth slow roasted beef with wild garlic and almond pesto. We served big sharing bowls of yellow courgette ribbons with chilli and mint, beautiful purple slaw, new potatoes with summer herb gremolata and a marinated tomato salad. The colours were stunning and the bride came running into the kitchen afterwards and gave us a massive hug as she was so pleased with the food. That was pretty memorable.

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