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Some Like It Hot

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What would Beyonce and Britney Spears sound like with a vintage twist?

Some Like It Hot bridges a stylish vintage approach to modern tunes as well as breathing new and exuberant life into older classics.

With glitz, glamour and pizazz, Some Like It Hot have been entertaining audiences with their sassy, updated swing sound that delights and captivates listeners, dancers and party goers alike.

Some Like It Hot is made up of four well-seasoned professional performers with decades of theatre, music and entertaining experience behind them. Their special blend of musicianship and showmanship creates a truly unique and inspiring musical experience.

Singer Molly grabs her audience by their ears and hearts with her diamond voice, bright smile and unparalleled stagecraft. Her joie de vivre is infectious and is shared by her musical collaborators. Paolo on guitar lays down the groove bringing people to the dancefloor. His prodigious rhythmic swing is caressed by Isaac walking the low notes on double bass. With this juggernaut of swing, Danís saxophone can soar like a swallow, sweeping and diving across beats before stepping aside as Miss Molly does her thing.